Calgary Realtor, Kyle Stone, is a Sotheby’s Real Estate Associate that understands the Calgary Real Estate market extensively.

What makes Kyle so different from the other realtors out there in Calgary? Well, we’ll get to that in a moment, but we would also like to guide you over to a blog post we published that essentially touches on 6 key aspects that we feel make up the Exceptional and the Best Calgary Realtors.

So consider a realtor has to be trustworthy, honest, patient and committed. Also consider their marketing reach and their experience.

It really goes without saying however that when selling or purchasing a property, selecting a realtor is one of the most critical decisions that you can make. After all, your home is one of your major life investments therefore you need to trust person charged with helping you with the process of finding your dream home or selling a home that means a lot to you from so many different perspectives.

A good realtor can make a huge difference in what can be a very stressful process. An experienced realtor, with their knowledge and expertise of the local market, will add so much more in saving you time, effort and money when it comes to a buying or selling decision.

Here are few more ideas to help determine the right Calgary Realtor for you.

Use referrals

Calgary is a city of networkers, so use your network. Ask friends, relatives, business contacts, or work colleagues for recommendations and ask why they would refer that agent. What difference did they make to the process of your home sale or purchase? Would they use them again? Does the agent bring some additional experience over and above other agents?

Don’t Choose the First Realtor You Meet: Compare

Compare realtors based not just on their knowledge, experience and qualifications. Understand if the type of property you are buying or selling fits their real estate portfolio. Are they specialists in Condos, Luxury Homes or specialists in a certain community or communities.

Look for an agent who deals with houses in your specific price range or property type. This would make sure that he would put his best efforts in the job. Some agents only deal with the high-end properties. They give priority to the customers looking for bigger properties, and if you are hunting for a small home, it may not be really good idea to go for such agents.

Check on their Personality

Interview the prospective agent to determine the level of customer care. Are they willing to go the extra mile? Are they available?

Go for Flexible Realtors

Depending on your schedule, daytime and weekday viewings for buying or selling a home may not work. A good realtor understands that they need to be flexible to meet the needs of a buyer or seller, so find a realtor who does not mind doing business on weekends or after hours; and will answer the phone during those times as well.

Good Communicator

Good Communication plays a pivotal role when dealing with real estate transaction. Does the realtor take time to understand your requirements and clarify? Do they provide good and relative information to assist in the home buying or selling process? Can they translate that to sales materials.

Choosing a realtor you are compatible and comfortable with, helps you communicate your concerns with them more easily.

Excellent Negotiation Skills Are Important

This is a quality that can make a big difference to a real estate deal. If you buying, good negotiating from an agent with the right skills can help to get a house at a lower cost. For the sellers, selecting the right potential buyer, especially if there are multiple buyers, can also make a big difference.

What other additional services can they help with?

A good realtor has access to credible services related to real estate transactions. These can include real estate lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage brokers.

In summary, the above should provide some valuable insight into how to select your preferred Calgary Realtor. In addition to the above, follow your gut instinct. Choose a realtor you feel you can trust and rely upon.

Real estate is my passion and my full time job. I believe I meet the credentials highlighted above and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your real estate requirements.

If I can be of any assistance with this important decision of yours then please let me know.

Big or small I do it all.

Kyle Stone.