Born and raised in Calgary, Kyle places emphasis on providing intelligent real estate solutions and developing authentic relationships with his clients. Throughout his past eleven years as a Sotheby’s International Realty Canada Agent, Kyle has developed experience in each luxury, inner city, agricultural, and commercial real estate.

He holds a degree in Management with a major in Finance and a BA in Kinesiology each from the University of Lethbridge. In order to further grow his skills and fluency in Real Estate, he actively pursues courses through the CCIM. A Calgary real estate investor himself, he is bullish on the City of Calgary for the long term.

The Real Estate market is a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, yet amongst all the modernization and digital-online experiences, his core values of honesty and life long learning have forged meaningful relationships and developed Kyle a deep understanding of real estate. This commitment to personal and professional growth has granted him the ability to provide cutting edge real estate solutions to his clients rooted in expertise and innovation.

Kyle supports the Calgary Reads organization through volunteering his time with primary school children helping them reach their reading goals and donating a portion of every transaction to Calgary Reads in his client’s names.


My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Kyle on the purchase and the sale of our first home. Kyle is professional as well as knowledgeable and his passion for the real estate industry is evident in how hard he works for us. Kyle goes above and beyond to provide the best customer service and always stays in touch. Between the purchase and the sale of our home Kyle was always available to answer any questions we had and to give us advice. Although he demonstrates all the important attributes in a good realtor, our experience with Kyle has been exceptional because he is honest and, most importantly, we trust him. We can feel comfortable knowing that Kyle has our best interest in mind. For us, trust is what is most important in finding the right realtor because it gives us peace of mind knowing that Kyle cares about the people he serves and understands the importance of building long term relationships.
Steven Leong, Happy Home Seller
Some love for Kyle – my friend who I would not refer to just any old realtor told me this morning that Kyle is the best realtor she has ever met and thanked me profusely for referring her to him. Thank you Kyle for taking such good care of her!
Amanda O’Connor, Mortgage Agent

I have had the pleasure of working with Kyle Stone with Sotheby’s International Realty to Purchase my first home.

Kyle Stone is not a sales man trying to close a buyer so he can make a quick commission. He is not impatient or “to busy” when it comes to showing 70 properties until we find the right one. He is not a realtor that will tell you that the market is going up when you are a buyer and down when you are the seller. He is not a guy who would do the bare minimum and move on the next client.

In fact, Kyle Stone is a friend who truly cares for the wellbeing of his clients. He could have closed the sale and convinced me on so many properties we liked, but he was very patient and never gave up. He works with facts and sent me all the info, statistics, market information and resources I needed to learn more about real estate and al the due diligence. When Kyle couldn’t make it his team member, Darren skipped dinner to come show us a property. Kyle worked under a tight deadline and always picked up his phone. His responsiveness and strong negotiating skills were pertinent for us to get a great deal in a crazy market in a short period of time. Kyle Stone is not what a lot of realtors are all about. He is trustworthy. I can say that with Kyle Stone you are not hiring a realtor, you are making a friend. Thank you for everything!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle jointly on a first time buyers home purchase. The clients were very pleased with Kyle’s professionalism and availability. They met several time late into the evening to make sure that their offer was accepted.

They were also given suggestion about different financing options available to fix the worn out windows and siding. From my perspective I appreciated that he involved me with these questions to ensure there were no mistakes or changes to the rule regarding these financing options.

Kyle works at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, a firm known for helping clients who are in the top 20% of the market, but Kyle has shown that with his knowledge and expertise that he is able to help those clients purchasing their first home as much as he can help those purchasing a 2 million dollar home.

They are now proud owners of their first home.

Thanks Kyle

Troy Champ, Jencor Mortgage

Looking for a new home? Not happy with your Realtor?

Traditional values paired with innovative thought, Kyle Stone is the perfect realtor for Calgary Luxury Homes.