If you are a first time home buyer or looking to sell your home it is vital to have the right realtor on your side. I have been a realtor for over 5 years in Calgary and helped many home buyers and sellers with their real estate. I always work on becoming a better agent with every client. I have done over 28 real estate deals this year and looking back there are many things that realtors have to work hard at to become any good. It is challenging to distinguish among 5,000 realtors in Calgary as to who is good and who needs more experience. Here are a few items to look for.


You have to be able to trust your realtor and if you are doubtful about their experience, education, market knowledge, and advise then it gets harder throughout the process. Find a realtor that has the experience, who is part of a reputable brokerage and is looking out for your best interest and not eager to simply close the deal. Trust is vital to building a long term relationship.


Trust is earned through honesty. An honest realtor will never force their opinion on you but instead ask you the right questions. They will guide you and not make the decision for you. If you seek their advice, then they should provide an honest one. Would the realtor buy the house that they are showing? Would they buy it in that community? Do they admit to not knowing something and finding out? Or do they know everything? No realtor knows everything and an honest realtor inspires trust. This honesty enables making this big decision of your life with comfort.


An experienced realtor knows the market, the neighborhood, the economy, the investment details, and has the right connections. The realtor must also be backed by a reputable brokerage. Having a realtor that has seen the ups and downs of the Calgary economy is beneficial to have on your side. Experience plays a vital role in negotiations, determining the sale value of the house, and ensuring all the proper paperwork and details are put into contracts efficiently. Ask your realtor how long they have been a realtor and the types of properties they have bought or sold in the past.


First time home owners don’t usually know what they want. It is a rewarding journey and it is only after looking at several options, condos, houses, town houses, or different communities do they really evaluate what they want and where. A realtor needs to be patient with the clients who are going through the discovery process and engage them by asking the right questions, filtering and helping them select what they want. If a realtor is quick to write up offers, quick to close, then slow down and get it right. Timing in real estate is very important. In Calgary, after the floods or in 2005, some properties were sold within a day of being on the market. This is not applicable to all properties and situations. However, know that your realtor needs to be patient with you, the process and looks out for the right opportunity to act upon, which serves your best interest.


When you are selling your home, how does your realtor get the word out? This is an important question to ask your realtor as you want your property to be viewed by the most number of people and the right group of people. In addition, the presentation of the home with high quality pictures, staging, video and description is vital to your ability to sell the house at the highest value possible. Hire a realtor who has existing marketing assets to showcase your property and get the word out. Ask your realtor about how they sold the last property, how they conduct the pre-marketing of the property and how they measure their efforts.


Seek an individual who is a realtor full time. You want the realtor to be on your side for the long run. Whether you want to buy rental properties, vacation homes, second homes, or selling your current home; you want a realtor who you can trust, is honest, experienced and patient. A committed realtor who does real estate full time is all for making lasting relationships. This means they are not in it for a quick sale or some side money. Moreover, they are responsive to you, accessible to you and committed to maintaining, supporting and fostering the relationship. Given Calgary’s interconnected business community, having the right relationship is key to your success.

I hope the above 6 signs of a good realtor are helpful in choosing the right realtor. Real estate is my passion and my full time job. If I can be of any assistance with this important decision of yours then please let me know. Big or small I do it all, Kyle Stone.Kyle Stone Sothebys Realty